About Us

Patient Financial Assistance
An ongoing fund will be established to provide financial relief to patients unable to meet their co-pays and deductibles for cancer care and therapies.
Cancer Support Services
The Foundation participates in sponsorship of cancer support services, such as counseling, hair and make-up, support groups, nutrition counseling and other complementary therapy and services.
Caregiver Scholarship Programs
Specialized training in cancer care is essential in the battle against the disease. The foundation will sponsor scholarships toward Oncology Nursing, cancer therapy expertise, such as infusion training, and Palliative care training.

Cancer Prevention 
Lifestyle changes have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer and complications as well as reducing the risk of death even after cancer has been diagnosed. The foundation will sponsor proven prevention programs for patients at greatest risk for cancer and cancer related complications.

While millions of dollars are raised every year for organizations that are seeking the cure to cancer through research and other programs worldwide, the foundation will fund and sponsor programs that are specifically benefiting patients currently battling cancer, and only in the United States, especially within our local community.